first degree Apollo Pro

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First degree Apollo Pro


- Adjustable Fluid Resistance, from feather-light to Olympic sprint at the turn of a dial.
- ?No dead spots. Unique triple bladed impeller and baffled tank internals deliver instant catch and consistent resistance throughout the whole stroke.


- ?Multilevel Computer complete with USB port displays: Time, distance, 500M split time,
strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training and heart rate.?


- ?Height Adjustable footplates and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and
comfortable rowing position.?


- Seat at ?office chair? height for ease of entry and exit
- ?Super comfortable seat running on precision bearings and Delrin® low friction seat rollers for cleaner,
smoother and safer operation.?


- Durable belt drive ? smooth, clean, quiet and again maintenance free.
- ?Deluxe ergonomic handle allows comfortable grip and minimised strain on forearms, wrists and hands.?


- ?Ethically produced from solid American Ash construction.?


- ?Simplified assembly and virtually maintenance free. The solid construction makes this perfect for any application ? home or health club.?
- ?Best emulation, with the sensory stimulation of the sight, sound and feel of real on-water rowing.?
- Low impact, non-jarring whole body cardio-respiratory workout.
- Home / Light Commercial use warranty


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